A beauty that’s been been hidden from the world, longing to escape and be reunited with the world, the nature, the sun, feel the grass under her feet, smell the florals blooming, hear the birds chirping. She finally escapes and leaps in joy only to have her safety second guessed with uncertainty and fear. Will this last forever? Or will she have to go into hiding again? She finds a light that warms her heart, that melts her fears away as she drifts into a sleep and waits to see her love, to hold him, to join him again under the skies, under the sun, under the moon, united, fearless, at peace and reconnecting again. Will this day ever come?




Stylist: Michelle Beltrame

Flower Arranger: Nadia Travaglini studiobotanic

Hair & Makeup: Aleksandra Pinneri

Fashion Assistant: Vera Sutanto

Model: Mieke Stanisch @Adelaide Model Management


November 23, 2020 — NASREEN JAWAD

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