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Sun and Sand Collection

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.”

Shop our new season, the wilderness collection. Brimming with embroidered blossoms, sawn on delicate silk and organza with yards of flowy skirts, you’ll find everything from sweeping maxi dresses, to leisurely summer pieces and ladylike outfits.

Her heart was a secret garden & the walls were very high

Explore our Jane Austen inspired collection of effortless classic style with a modern twist. Discover elegant and light dresses for the season ahead.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"


Models Call

Models Call

Hi everyone I have a few exciting projects coming up! If you would like to collaborate as a model or photographer please contact me on or visit


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November 02, 2019 — NASREEN JAWAD
New Adelaide Fashion Label To Watch Out For In 2019

New Adelaide Fashion Label To Watch Out For In 2019

Whilst Adelaide may not be the epicentre of fashion in the way Milan, Paris or even Melbourne are, we have produced some amazing creatives that are progressively making their mark internationally.

author: Neely Karimi

January 10, 2019 — NASREEN JAWAD
Models needed

Models needed

I need a few models and a hair & makeup artist for a photoshoot in February, if you or a friend would like to volunteer for this photoshoot please message me your details. I’m working with a professional photographer and would love to work with Adelaide based talents. 
Thank you
January 09, 2019 — NASREEN JAWAD

lost in the meadow

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